Lexi Lamey 
I am convinced that I would not be alive today if it weren’t for the hand of God working through the Harbor Home. Losing my father at 16 and spinning into a downward spiral of addiction, I was left with nothing but pain and grief. I am thankful for the Harbor Home for introducing me to the most important person in my life- Jesus. I was able to establish my new life in Christ through the teachings and counseling that I received at the Harbor home for Women. As the Phase 2 Program Director now, it is an honor to be apart of this life-saving program that gave me freedom from my addictions! 

Holly Gibson (Lexi’s mom)
What a blessing from God! The Harbor Home is filled w his love and compassion for the broken hearted. I felt God’s presence and peace when my daughter and I first walked through their doors. Dana, Pastor Larry and their staff gave us hope that through a relationship with Christ.  My daughter, Lexi could not only recover from her addictions and heal from her pain but she now realizes her worth and value as the daughter of the one true King! This was four years ago. My daughter was set free from addiction and all it’s darkness and is now in full time ministry!  As a mother of a Harbor Home graduate, I am eternally grateful to God and this amazing place called The Harbor Home!

Christy Kyzer, Harbor Home Graduate
I was addicted to meth for 20 years. I wasn’t ready to quit until I was facing prison for a 3rd time. The last time I was arrested the cop told me I was bought and paid for and I would never change. By living that lifestyle of drug addiction I had many enemies; however what the devil meant for harm God turned around for His glory.  God knew in my heart I was ready and He answered my prayer, allowing me to go to  Jesus boot camp at the Harbor Home where I was met with love, forgiveness and open arms.  My life verse is Galatians 5:1.  “Christ set you free to enjoy your freedom, don’t let the chains of slavery hold you again.”  I have been clean from meth since September 21, 2015.  I am 5 years clean and I praise God for the miracle of delivering me.  I am truly a miracle. Thank you, God! I am so thankful for my family at the Harbor Home who are my forever sisters in Christ and Sylvan Hills Church of Christ who helped support me in my recovery and home family that always had hope I would overcome by the blood of the lamb.

My daughter, Jenna, had been to multiple rehabs since she was 17 years old. Each time she would gradually slip into her old ways with drugs and alcohol use. When she somehow managed to drive herself to The Harbor Home at the age of 34, I was able to once again breathe a sigh of relief.  I was so grateful she was safe yet fearful she would eventually return to her old habits. But this time was different for her. The faith-based approach at The Harbor Home helped her see that Jesus was the answer in overcoming her addiction to drugs and alcohol along with freeing her from the enormous guilt she had been living with. Since graduating from the program, Jenna has continued to live a drug/alcohol free life with Christ at the center of it. The Harbor Home gave me back my daughter and gave her two children back their mother. I am forever grateful for their ministry and am so impressed with their dedication in helping women overcome their addictions . Debra Hefner, Grateful Mom

This is what Harbor Home Graduate and Debra’s Daughter, Jenna Hefner has to say: Most of my life I was either getting high or trying to get clean and sober. My identity was that of an addict. I lived a life of recklessness and was full of fear for more than 20 years. It wasn’t until entering the Harbor Home that I discovered the path to forgiving myself, letting go of the guilt I carried for so long and receiving the gift of being born again in Christ. I was in a complete state of surrender. The Harbor Home planted the seeds I needed to live a full life through Jesus Christ. I am a daughter of the Most-High God and I never have to identify as an addict again. Now I can devote myself to being the mother that Macy deserves and the woman I was always meant to be. She who is free is free indeed!

“I was one of those parents that never thought addiction was a concern until it took over my daughter. She was on a downward spiral and I was ignorant and afraid. A friend of my daughter reached out to us both. She told us about The Harbor. She was aware because her daughter was there at the time. A few weeks later my daughter was arrested and knew it was time to seek help. Through the love and safety of the Harbor and her desire to overcome her demons and to let God heal her she is now three years clean and thriving. She has had others to reach out to her. She’s going back to school and has a closer relationship with God and her family. I also grew through the process and now have a much better understanding of addiction and the depth of Gods grace. I’m so thankful for the Harbor and the journey and investment they made in all of us.” Karen Coffman

Karen’s daughter, Autumn says, this about her journey! 
“The Harbor Home was a God given tool that was used to be a beacon that pointed me back to Him. I started using opioids at the age of 14 and by the time I was 22 I was physically dependent on both pills and alcohol. For years I would mask my pain with those things. It became my identity and my life. You don’t just hit bottom.. you have to stop digging. 
While at the Harbor I learned whose I was. I went from knowing of God to having a relationship with Him. More often than not, it’s our weakness that makes us capable of serving, because those we serve identify with our pain. As always, God will work in us so he can work through us. I am forever thankful.” Autumn Coffman

Chasitie Stobaugh

My name is Chasitie and the Lord led me to The Harbor Home in May of 2017. The Harbor took me in and showed me what I was missing in my life, and that was a personal relationship with God. I’ve always knew who God was & always believed in Him but never had a one on one personal relationship with Him the way that I do now. I will be clean for 4 years in April of 2021 and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that God took me thru within the Harbor Home & still doing since I’ve left. It completely changed my life, I got my son back, got a much needed divorce from an abusive ex-husband, got all my family back, got amazing friends while in the Harbor that I’ll forever cherish, got a great job, a new car, new husband, new house, and so much more. None of these things would have even been possible if I had not chosen to let go of me & Let God have control. When I finally did let go, God completely wrecked my world & turned my life around in these last 4 years & I still stand in awe today of what all He’s done & still continuing to do everyday. So, if anyone out there is struggling or having a hard time letting go or wanting to get help but doesn’t know how to. I’m living proof that all you have to do is say yes I need help & fully surrender to God & I promise you it’s all worth it & God will not let you do it alone. His love & His Word will be the best decision you will ever make, and He will guide you each & everyday all you need to do is have Faith & Surrender all!!!

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